BRL ERP Solution (Prottay)

Prottay ERP Solution is a wide-range international standard web enabled business management system that streamlines and integrates the operation processes and information flow of any business (small, medium or large) to synergize the resources namely man, material, money and machine through information. It is a Business strategies and enabling software that integrate manufacturing, financial and distribution functions to dynamically balance and optimize enterprise resources. It can enable enterprises to optimize their business processes and analysis capabilities for improved speed and efficiency. Within a single mouse click, it will provide stunning reports that will enable management to take better decisions.

BRL Asset Management Solution

Every company uses hundreds of assets on a daily basis. An “asset” is any item that a business uses internally, such as IT equipment, office equipment, tools, etc. A properly integrated asset management solution like BRL Asset Management Solution can help your company accurately and efficiently track any of your business’ assets. Rather than wasting time searching for and replacing lost assets, you can keep track of all your valuable assets with a convenient, easy to use complete asset tracking system that is regularly managed.

BRL Hospital Management Solution

HMS is a comprehensive integrated solution providing hospitals with paperless office management system. This synchronizes workflow and process flow across the entire enterprise. HMS fluently works as management tool that provide proper management of patient, financial transactions. This helps management to make accurate and faster decisions and to eliminate medical errors and improve patient care and outcomes.