Oracle Applications

BRL is an Oracle Specialized Gold Partner, Certified Oracle Reseller and Systems Integrator of the entire Oracle line of products, including Oracle E-Business Suite Applications, Database, Fusion Middleware, Business Intelligence, Cloud, Engineered Systems, and more.

Industry Specializations

Recognized by Oracle for our proven ability to deliver the most comprehensive solutions and components (Database, Middleware, applications and more) to solve industry-specific challenges, BRL holds the following industry specializations:

  • Financial Services Industry
  • RMG Sectors
  • Textile Sectors
  • Banking Sectors
  • Healthcare Industry
  • Public Sector Industry
  • Wholesale Distribution Industry and Many others

Oracle licenses sales

As an Oracle Gold Partner, Babylon Resources Limited is able to sell Oracle licenses in Bangladesh.

Any Oracle product license for products such as Oracle Database, Weblogic, SOA Suite, Identity Management, etc. is sold by Babylon Resources Limited and thus simplify the commercial relationship between your business and Oracle.

We are also able to market the Oracle Cloud. In this sense we can also be able to manage your credits, so that you can obtain the best advantages of your subscriptions.

If you need guidance for the acquisition of Oracle licenses, please contact us since we can advise you on what packaging / quantities are good for you to purchase in order to get the most from your investment.

We can help you to generate capacity and sizing analysis. This permits us to make a detailed and exact calculation about the amount of licenses that you need for tour company, such as the amount of environments required, the amount of users, etc.

In Babylon Resources Limited we help you to make your commercial relationship with Oracle simple and dynamic.

How Much Does Oracle Database Cost?

The price of an Oracle database license depends on several factors:

      • Edition: Standard, Standard Edition One, or Enterprise Edition (refer to the Feature and Option Availability Matrix)
      • Enterprise Edition packs and options selected
      • Type of license purchased
            • Named User – Limits the number of users that can connect to the database. The minimum number of users you can purchase is five.
            • Processor – Price depends on number and type of processor, sockets, cores and / or threads, depending on Edition.
      • Support.
            • A support license provides you access to Oracle Support services and patches. Without support, your software is “terminal”; i.e. it cannot be patched nor upgraded.
            • The first year of support is included in the license price; each subsequent year the cost is approximately 22% of your original license cost.