BRL Asset Management Solution

Every company uses hundreds of assets on a daily basis. An “asset” is any item that a business uses internally, such as IT equipment, office equipment, tools, etc. A properly integrated asset management solution like BRLAsset Management Solution can help your company accurately and efficiently track any of your business’ assets. Rather than wasting time searching for and replacing lost assets, you can keep track of all your valuable assets with a convenient, easy to use complete asset tracking system that is regularly managed.

BRL Fixed Assets RFID integrated software allows Asset Managers to efficiently perform regular physical inventories. Using a computer with integrated RFID reader and Asset Management Software, personnel can quickly read all of the asset tags in an area. With the enhanced capability of BRL Fixed Assets RFID software, personnel can reconcile asset counts right on the handheld computer. After the inventory is performed, reports can be run from BRL Fixed Assets software to determine if all assets have been accounted for.

Different Modules of Asset Management Software

  • Asset Entry Tab
  • Advance Asset Search
  • Maintenance
  • Categories of asset
  • Catalogs of asset
  • Supplier
  • Product
  • Contracts
  • Location/Site
  • Setup
  • Security
  • Report and
  • Help Desk.