Methodology we follow to develop apps:


Rapid Agile Development is our development methodology that has delivered countless multi-million dollar valuations for clients.

Rapid Concept Workshop:

  • Gather Requirements
  • Design Product Strategy
  • Mitigate Technical Risks with an in-depth Technical Review
  • Review Solution Architecture

Sprint Zero:

  • Project Inception
  • Sprint Planning
  • Mitigate Technical Risks with an in-depth Technical Review
  • Product Backlog Sign-off

Pre-Development Phase:

  • Branding/Customer Experience
  • Onboarding Strategy
  • User Interface Design
  • User Experience Design

Rapid Agile Development:

  • Design, Develop, Test, Ship!
  • Demo builds delivered weekly
  • Incorporate feedback
  • Tailor the Product Backlog until product completion

Product Optimization Sprints:

  • Review Core Metrics Post-Launch
  • Optimize Product Funnel
  • Increase Conversions Across The Funnel

Growth Hacking:

  • Test Cost-Efficient Channels
  • Drive Massive User Acquisition
  • (10k-100k+ downloads)
  • Optimize Effective Channels

Different type of Mobile App development services:

Mobile App Platforms:


Reaching as many consumers as possible can be the difference between a dud app and a smash hit. Hybrid development allows apps for different operating systems to share the same core code, making overall development faster and cheaper. The hybrid team of engineers at BRL has years of experience creating cross platform apps. New features can be released for all platforms at the same time, giving all users the same experience connecting to an enterprise cloud or hybrid cloud.

Hybrid application development combines the advantages of both native and web applications. Enterprise apps benefit from cross platform development as well. When employees can use their own devices, they’re more comfortable with the technology and require less technical support. When all workers use the same software, regardless of device, business just runs more smoothly. BRL’s hybrid mobile app developers can deliver you the best app solution for your business.

BRL, a leading hybrid mobile application development company headquartered in the Darussalam, Mirpur, Dhaka, offers you next generation apps built with latest cross platform tools. Our hybrid app development services pooled with robust web technology and mobile experience provides faster market delivery and a wider audience reach.

With native API access, Xamarin projects can take full advantage of advanced features in every operating system, enabling native user interfaces and native performance levels. An average of 75 percent of code is shared across all mobile development platforms, and user interfaces built with Xamarin. Forms share almost 100 percent.
Using Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio, we use C# and .NET to create apps for iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac – simultaneously. Because our customers own all the source code of projects we develop for them, they need fewer resources if they want to update apps on their own. And of course any updates we provide can be done in less time as well.
The Appcelerator Platform allows 60 to 90 percent of code to be reused between the same app on different platforms. It also helps us integrate mobile backend as a service (MBaaS) capabilities through the Arrow backend and pre-built connectors for Salesforce, Microsoft Azure, SQL, MongoDB, Box, Swagger, and others. The model-view-controller (MVC) architecture separates user interface, business logic, and data models.
Appcelerator created the open source Titanium Software Development Kit (SDK), allowing coding for iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows, Tizen, and HTML5. It’s all based on JavaScript and includes more than 5,000 Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). The hybrid programming environment produces native apps for end users.
As an open source framework, PhoneGap uses standards-based web technologies HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Once written, the code can be compiled for multiple operating systems. The source code always remains, so updates can be made in the same open languages without the need for platform-specific expertise.
PhoneGap supports APIs for hardware and software features of all modern smartphone operating systems. An app can access a device’s accelerometer, camera, contacts, GPS, and storage, whether it’s running on Android, iOS, Windows Phone 8, or BlackBerry 10.
As the language of the web, HTML enjoys nearly universal support on modern computing devices. HTML5 supercharges the capabilities of web apps with rich media, animation, interactivity and even hardware access. An HTML5 app can be deployed directly onto the web for use through a browser.
Wrap HTML5 in a native container and you have the very model of a hybrid app. Smartphone and tablet users can find the app on their respective app stores or through a web search. Any code that runs online will never be out of date on the end user’s device.


The Web is ideal for applications that must always be up to date and work on as many mobile devices as possible. Because the application itself resides in the cloud, no one is ever using an obsolete version.
With both mobile app development and web design experience, BRL has the skills necessary to create custom enterprise applications for your business. We can build apps for iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and other mobile operating systems for maximum performance.

Research shows that almost half of Bangladeshi adults own smartphones. The mobile web is used more than ever before – for information gathering, for entertainment and for e-commerce. Websites optimized for mobile devices attract more visitors and more business.
BRL can mobilize your website to perform perfectly on smartphones and tablets. We test your website for compatibility with all major mobile browsers and adjust graphics and content for the small touchscreen.