Now a days in apps category, games have the potential to reach an incredible number of users. Whether passing a few minutes with a casual puzzle or getting in an interactive storyline, mobile device users love games. BRL is among mobile game development companies in the Bangladesh, bringing expertise to both desktop and mobile projects. Our engineers and artists use Unity, Maya, Corona, Cocos2D, and many other industry-leading tools to create the best gaming experience.
For monetization games offer several alternatives. The simplest is the pay-to-download model, in which a user pays a certain amount to download the game initially. Now a days in-app purchase model is the common; with this strategy, the game itself is free, but special powers, additional vehicles and other extras can be bought within the game. Finally, a free game can be supported by advertising. Contact us and we’ll connect you with our best game app developers at BRL to advise you about all your options.

For rapid and reliable game development, Unity is often the engine of choice for mobile game companies. The integrated Unity Editor shows all assets and previews the look of the game without repeated compiling. Unity also accepts meshes, textures, anims and bones from a number of different 3D modeling programs, including Maya, 3D Studio Max, Blender and Lightwave.
BRL can build everything for you or take the 3D assets you’ve already made and fold them into a game. Output for iOS and Android devices makes cross-platform development simple and the games can even be made for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and web browsers.
Virtually browser-based games can be played on any device. By taking advantage of robust built-in multimedia capabilities, some Android and iPhone game development companies choose HTML5 because it can be wrapped in native code for app store distribution, reducing development time and reaching the widest possible audience.
When hosted online, HTML5 games can be updated at any time without relying on the user. They’re easy to share with friends by sending a simple link. Page layout can always be adjusted to include different ads or promote new content.
BRL has the capability to bring your 3D and 2D game visions to life. We have years of experience in game development, whether you are interested in desktop or mobile development BRL can handle your project from concept to launch. Using hardware on mobile devices – like the camera, accelerometer, and GPS – can make modern games even more engrossing. 3D games can be huge projects, so you are free to provide your own 3D models, storyboards, and other assets to reduce costs.
Millions of users of Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry have prompted developers to reinvent 2D games. RPGs, MMORPGs, arcade games, simulations, adventure games, and puzzles can all be enjoyed on smartphones and tablets. With low hardware requirements. 2D games can be played on even older mobile devices, reaching a wide audience.
BRL as one of the pioneering serious games companies, can work closely with you to produce the best possible results for your users. Whether your plans are aimed toward classroom education, physical health, strategy-based innovation, or even business development and training.
Serious games bring the fun and interactivity of gaming to bear on topics that need to be learned. From creating iconic characters for visual impact, to outlining game mechanics and requirements, to the full creation of the game itself, BRL can help with all aspects of translating any training regimen to a mobile game.
When aspects of competition and achievement are integrated into otherwise practical apps, that’s gamification. Badges, trophies, and scoreboards can motivate employees to be more thorough when using company apps. Both morale and productivity go up at the same time.
BRL offers extensive application development experience, including gamification for corporate and consumer apps. The more users enjoy an app, the better they’ll be at completing tasks with it.
Apple’s social gaming network, Game Center, is a powerful way to spread a game to new users. When developing games for iOS and Mac OS X, integrating Game Center functionality helps it get discovered and stay popular.
Game Center supports features like multiplayer, auto-matching to introduce players to each other, high score leaderboards, achievement tracking, and play between friends. BRL’s experience with the Game Kit APIs ensures that Game Center apps always work flawlessly.


Augmented reality (AR) combines live video with computer-generated images, sounds, videos or GPS data. Unlike virtual reality (VR), which immerses the user in an entirely digital environment, AR blends digital content with the real world. When the device’s camera is viewing a specific marker determined by the application, it layers the computer effects over what is being seen in real time. They can also be tied to geographic coordinates, as the immensely successful Pokémon GO AR game does.

As a business tool, AR apps have been used in marketing efforts, brand awareness and promotional giveaways. Other uses involve game development or as an information tool that integrates with other applications like maps.

We combine innovations, creativity and research to provide the best augmented reality services to our clients. Our AR developers have a wide range of technical proficiencies and can build a variety of high quality AR solutions for both consumer and enterprise projects.

Building AR into consumer applications instantly makes them more interactive and compelling to the end user. The possibilities are numerous: retail stores can have each product bring up facts and marketing information; real estate agencies can provide property information to mobile devices for anyone driving by; travel companies can identify nearby points of interest.
Augmented Reality apps merge the real world with extra data, so they’re a powerful branding opportunity.

In the professional world, Augmented Reality offers educational and visualization benefits. An architect or contractor can overlay 3D building plans on top of the actual construction site. Medical students can study virtual bodies. Maps can be explored from any angle.
Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality have become an indispensable part of the digital world. Microsoft HoloLens, Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, etc have already made promising advancements in the VR field. These VR devices offer users the chance to interact with content through gaze, voice, and hand gestures.